What is Cast Stone?

Cast Stone is a highly refined architectural building stone that has the appearance and texture of natural cut stone.

How does cast stone differ from natural limestone?

Cast Stone can be reinforced, color pigmented and is much more cost effective on highly repetitious production.

What color can I get in cast stone?

Cast Stone can be produced in virtually any color and can give the appearance of limestone, marble, granite, slate, & travertine.

Where can cast stone be used?

Cast Stone can be used both inside and outside ranging from fireplace surrounds, vent hoods, window & door surrounds, pool coping, or even a complete façade.

Can Valley Stone take field measurements?

Depending on the geographic location of the project field measurements can be arranged, or a worksheet may be downloaded from our website to assist you in the dimensions required.

Can Cast Stone be stained?

Yes. Cast stone can be stained, painted, & finished by various techniques.

How do I clean my cast stone?

Valley Stone recommends cleaning with a mild detergent such as SureKleen or Vanatrol with water and a stiff bristle brush.